Sunday, January 27, 2013

Baby Names and New Year's Resolutions

In the spirit of our new year's resolution, we became first time visitors this week to the breakfast restaurant Ann Sather (known for their cinnamon rolls).
There's a handful of Ann Sather locations in the city, so find the one closest to your neighborhood here.

Husband finds hobby in going out to breakfast, so even the -13 degree wind chill of the day couldn't keep my avid breakfast outer away.
Inauguration Day coverage hummed in the background on NPR while we searched for this new breakfast spot, and once we found it we settled in on a bit of conversation about baby names, which didn't go far.
I've always known we'd have a hard time naming together because we both have strong preferences and "naming values" that don't happen to be the same, but I have hope that we'll come up with something!

Here's what I can tell you about Ann Sather...
The interior is fun and colorful and cozy, with a big fireplace in the main room (at the Broadway location, that is).
They serve two huge cinnamon rolls as a side dish to all their main dishes.
How fun is that?


Kirra said...

Those cinnamon rolls are so amazing! And I cannot wait to meet that little baby bestie. He or she will have the sweetest name. xo

Nicole said...

oh my gosh!! my parents used that same baby name book for me and my 6 siblings!! awesome!


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