Tuesday, January 10, 2012

We're Home

We're home.
We've been home just over a week now, though you would never know it.

Husband's 30th birthday came on the heels of the new year,
and there was much hurrah and hooray!
There was a surprise party in Chicago's Wrigleyville neighborhood here, thanks to our families and friends who all but took over the venue with "Surprise!  Happy birthday to you..." and ensuing enjoyment of the highest order.

I'm especially thankful for my sister and sister-in-law and their husbands for bringing their kids to "Uncle Neal's" party, because while Chicago is pretty kid-friendly as far as cities go, it's far from easy, I know!

With 35 party guests, 13 of whom stayed overnight in the city, brunch the next morning, and a week spent covering all my tracks in preparation of the surprise, I really hadn't thought of a day past the party.
Yesterday when "life after the party" did indeed arrive, I took down and packed up all our Christmas decorations, which was like a gift-opening in reverse.

We're home.

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