Tuesday, January 24, 2012


I read somewhere on the web the other day, someone say, "January is my favorite month because there is absolutely nothing going on."
You have my attention.

January for me is some odd combination of catching up and moving forward.
One has me coming up from behind, the other has me leading out front.

It's a recover month and a reset month, all in the same 31 days.
Resume and rehabilitate.
Revert? Oh, no, not that one.
Or maybe, but let's not admit anything until February.

In my messy assimilation of "recover" and "reset," I by and large settle into a 31-day niche inside my little city apartment as often as I possibly can.
Chicago, as it were, makes being anywhere else within its city limits a misery of slush, ice, wind, cold, and snow.

Cooking at home gets special attention, which husband and I love, oh so much.
Here are a couple of our new favorites from this week.
Do you have any good new recipes you think we should try?
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Anonymous said...

How delicious! Am totally making the white bean chicken chili Friday! Thanks for posting, Ash. And yes, I love January too.

Anonymous said...

Looks amazing, Ash! I miss you! We need a chat date! Lookin forward to it. Love you!