Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Chicago River Kayak

Last night we forewent our weekly Monday coffee shop night in favor of a tandem kayak on the Chicago River.

I think it is now easily one of our favorite Chicago scenes.
Night fell quickly on the water, reminding us that mid-October has set the stage, and a full moon hung amidst Chicago's riverfront skyscrapers like a lamp post.

We paddled under the city's iconic bridges, along the base of Merchandise Mart, the Trump, the Willis Tower.
The buildings took on a towering, mystical hue from the moonlit water, and it was absolutely one of the most magical perspectives from which I've ever seen my city.
A Chicago must-do!

Our laughter and paddling caught a rhythm, and even though our voices carried loudly over the water, we talked about everything and more, but mostly about how smitten we are with our life together in Chicago.
Could we talk of anything else?

Sorry for the low-quality phone pictures.
That DSLR was not going in the kayak! 


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

sooo we totally wanted to do this before we left for chicago, but someone (finger pointed at me) chickened out! but wow, what a sweet experience you guys had!

something2writeabout said...

Um, yes please!! Looks amazing!!

Kristina Gulino

Maria said...

Um, this is so awesome. I love you and Neal and how well you do life together.