Thursday, September 8, 2011

Anniversary Weekend

Every year I get butterflies in my stomach as our anniversary weekend approaches.
I can see it all in my mind's eye, the tulle draped along the porch, the hanging baskets burgeoning with pink flowers, the bright blue sky, the twinkle lights under the pergola for the bride & groom dance.
I like to remember it, you see. 

When bright blue turned to golden twilight, we kissed and hugged our family and friends as we made our way down the brick walk to the limo waiting for us.
The limo took us to Chicago that night, where we've spent each anniversary since.
Which suits this Chicago girl very well.

But every year, along with the butterflies, I find myself with this longing to see that porch, that pergola, that sunset again.
To feel just that much closer to that day by walking and touching the place where it happened.

As last weekend settled in, a few texts were fired back and forth, and it was decided that Labor Day was on.
My brothers were coming home, my niece and nephews were waiting, and that beautiful home was promised 70 degrees and full sun.
The lure was way, way too strong.

We were there just over 24 hours, but I spent every single second under the pergola with twinkle lights, my family, and my husband of 5 years.

P.S. Baby nephew was cute.  Way cute.
Nothing new, there.

That is all. 
Maybe my favorite anniversary weekend yet!
Oh wait, I just decided.
Yes, 5 years is my favorite.


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

love that last picture of you, friend. looks like a fab time with family!

something2writeabout said...

Cornhole! I love that game. At least that's what we call it here. And the picture of your nephew riding on the tractor is so good it could be a stock photo in the back of a picture frame :) Beautiful white house!!

Anonymous said...

So Fun, Ash! I love to see your family! So happy for you that you got to spend some quality time with them. Love you!

Anonymous said...

Oh and I forgot to ask, how did you do your hair like that. It looks really cool. You'll have to show me sometime.

Maria said...

Um, this is just a little bit AMAZING. I especially love the picture of big Steve and little "Steve". Love you, friend.