Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Do You?

Hi there, do you remember me?
Transitioning to work has kept me running around!
I miss being here more often though, so hopefully I will get a new daily/weekly rhythm soon enough.

Thanks for being here in spite of me!
If you're waiting for an email back from me, I really want to get to those soon too.

For now, I'm keeping it simple, but here's a few things that have been making up life between clocking in and out:

  • Jane Eyre: I know it's on limited release, but if it's in your city, go see it!  As a reader, I will always be at least a little disappointed with the movie rendition, but Focus Features did a beautiful job.
  • The King's Speech: The therapist in the movie is my new hero, not to mention his office, a dream!
  • Harry Potter Book 5: First time I'm finding myself having trouble getting into one of the HP books.  But I hear that's normal.  HP fans, what do you say?
  • Non-violent Physical Intervention (translation: how to escape and subdue an attack from a patient) & CPR training for work.  Hello, learning curve.
  • Found a pillow at Pottery Barn that made my whole apartment make sense to me.  Now I know what color I want to re-paint our bedroom.  Let's call it spring cleaning.
  • Made and served dinner for the homeless at Breakthrough Urban Ministries with our small group.  Chicago friends, check out Breakthrough... I was really imprinted with how well this non-profit is run.
  • Discovered that I really like Dunkin' Donuts coffee.  Don't hate.
  • Got to have a couple lunches on Michigan Avenue and scones with family in town on my days off.  Always too short, but seeing those dear faces in my city is worth the heartache I'll feel when they leave.
  • I need a manicure.  I need a pedicure.  So bad.  I'll probably do it myself, but I'm crawling into bed too early these days to get to it.
  • My childhood best friend Alissa had her first baby, Josiah Daniel!
  • And, last but not least, I see my first clients at the private practice tomorrow!
Let's see if I make it through a chapter of Harry Potter before drifting off tonight.

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Sarah Smith said...

book 5 may be my favorite one- you'll see by the end. her writing changes in book five and the characters suddenly gain much more depth. first one i ever read twice. BUT yes, it takes a while to appreciate it. get it girl!!!