Monday, April 18, 2011

A Birthday Day

I turned 27 over the weekend.
It kind of sneaked up on both Neal and I, if truth be told.
(I think re-painting the bedroom *twice* this week and busy work schedules for the both of us were to blame!)
But ready or not, 27 I turned, and we had a lovely day.
I like 27 already.

For a cold and rainy day, we celebrated well, ducking in and out of restaurants and letting some new places in the city provide shelter from the drizzle of rain and the cloak of gray outside.

{Breakfast at Bakin' & Eggs}
The flavors here were so good!
And the atmosphere, just the way I like it. 
I'm sure we'll be back. 
{Cupcakes at Molly's}
Not new, just so good. 
Birthday Cake, and Boston Creme Pie
We tried Rockit for dinner for burgers and fries.
It met my inner burger connoisseur approval. 
Here's to 27!
And I hope the sun comes back soon.


Maria said...

What a lovely birthday! And what an even lovelier couple!!

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

are you trying to kill me with those images of the cupcakes?! heheh. actually the images of you killed me more - cuz i really, really miss you ;)

glad to see that it was a perfect day for you - love ya lots!!!