Wednesday, January 26, 2011

The Hunger Games

So, I think I mentioned to you that in preparation for the sub-freezing temperatures of last weekend, I had collected a couple books to keep me inside and cozy.
I decided to start The Hunger Games over Harry Potter, since the latter has 7 books or something, and the The Hunger Games only has 3.

I read all weekend.
Hours that felt like minutes.
Somehow, we had a pretty cleared out weekend, and I let myself fall into another world.
I highly recommend this falling-into-another-world thing, should you get the chance. 
If you like a good fiction series that's easy to read and an absolute page-turner, look no further.
Though for The Hunger Games, you may have to look at the store instead of the library, since every copy in all the Chicago Public libraries were checked out or on hold!

Meanwhile, Neal feels as though his lucky stars have finally smiled upon him.
All I want to do is curl up and read, and he's pinching himself to make sure I did really just say, "My plan for this weekend is to not leave the house once!" rather than proposing this new coffee shop and that museum and such and such meandering about the city.

As it stands, we both like to go out and we both like to stay home, and January is just the sort of time for staying home, don't you think? 

Since I started The Hunger Games books, I've stopped living and am just reading.
Is that a problem?


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

aaaaahhhh! you love them, too?!!!! man, if we had lunch on monday i know what'd we be talking about!!! this makes me miss monday lunches even more - is that possible?!

love you!!

Kirra Sue said...

ahaha i love it. especially the last line. that is so how it feels huh- that time stops still and all you can do is read. i love when stories can do that to you! it's rare i feel like- so soak it up! so fun!!!