Saturday, January 1, 2011

Christmas & New Year Greetings

Christmas & New Year (2011!) Greetings from the Andersons!
2010 was a tough year for us, but we're hoping for a better 2011.
No matter what 2011 brings, we know we'll walk it hand in hand, and we'll grow stronger, just like this last year!

Our Christmas card this year was, finally, a "how-to" for me to emulate next year, rather than a "how-not-to" like most of my other attempts.  

The how-not-to's include not doing a card at all (no fun and gets me in big trouble with my big sis), 
to getting the photo taken outside in December in snow and freezing temperatures, only to have the pictures lost on a crashed hard drive, 
to accidentally getting the cards printed huge at Costco (if you got a card from us last year, and it took up all your space, I apologize.)

This year, my friend Kirra generously took pictures for us out in the city on a beautiful, warm October day.  Key word: warm.  I have more pictures of what she shot that day to share here sometime soon.  We loved them and we love her!  Thanks, Kirra!
I used sweet Molly from the etsy shop Tank & Tink for the card, and I'm sure I'll be back with more business!  I adored the card she made.

Mustard, gray, persimmon, red, and chartruse envelopes from Papersource and a peppermint hot chocolate at Starbucks made for a Christmasy afternoon of calligraphy.
Although at some point, 25 cards in with a cramped hand, I said I'd never undertake doing the addresses in calligraphy again...
I have a pretty good feeling I will do it to myself again.
I'll just send out 2 cards instead of 50.
Just kidding.

{My shop stop for the envelopes}

{Starbucks for the calligraphy project}



Kirra Sue said...

Wahoo! Thanks for the shout outs! :) I had a blast taking your guys' photos! I learned some new stuff- so if you guys ever want to give it another go- I'd be super down! Love you!!!

Anonymous said...

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