Monday, April 22, 2013

29th Birthday at The Carriage House

My 29th birthday came and went this month!
I had really wanted to go here but no reservations were available even a week ahead of time, so husband picked out a place all his own and surprised me with dinner at The Carriage House in Wicker Park.

We had spotted The Carriage House earlier this year when in the neighborhood, so I was thrilled to check it out.
The food was fancier than my typical eating out fashion (you know me... burgers, fries, pizza), but in fact it's a casual place.
On their menu, they describe their dishes as a modern/urban take on southern comfort food.

Everything was flavorful and yummy, but what I died over was the gorgeous... absolutely gorgeous interior.
I wanted to take home the whole feel and recreate it in our apartment.  Love iron and wood, white dishes, tons of clean neutrals, splashes of on-trend color, and tons of light.

One special thing...
We made our son's name official that night over a toast!
We'd had both his first and middle name pretty much decided since 17 weeks, but at The Carriage House that night, husband said, "Want to make it officially his name?"

So we did.
We think it's perfect for him and for us, and we don't have even a close back-up.
I love that we decided on his name there!

The Carriage House would be a fabulous place to go with a small group of close friends, as they have some beautiful round tables to cozy around with your friends (my favorite!) and also family style long tables with benches.


Kirra said...

So fun.

Tell me his name right now.

Maria said...

Ahhhh! curious! I'm sure it will be perfect, whatever it is.