Sunday, February 24, 2013

Glazed & Infused

Husband and I skipped town to road trip to Minneapolis/St. Paul this weekend.
Before leaving the city, he wanted to take me to a new doughnut place, Glazed & Infused.
Always up for this sort of thing, I barely batted an eye.

Tucked inside a hotel lobby just past the bustle of Michigan Avenue, we found what we were looking for and husband ordered their creme brulee doughnut and the old fashioned, while I walked away with a cinnamon sugar and red velvet.

You guys, I could cry thinking about my first bite into those doughnuts.
Very, very best doughnut I've ever had!
I can't wait to take you there (so I can have another).

There are several locations of Glazed & Infused, so click here to find one nearest you or one in a neighborhood you want to visit.
Thanks, Luci for the recommendation!


Jennifer Lake said...

The same doughnut shop was just on A Beautiful Mess - even the creme brulee doughnut! Yum!

Kirra said...

Their bacon maple doughnut is to die for. I didn't know there were multiple locations! So fun. Are doughnuts paleo? Please say yes. ;)

liz.e.bennett said...

You are so welcome! I thought of you two immediately upon entry! :)

Anonymous said...

I'm drooling now. :)