Sunday, December 2, 2012

Thanksgiving in Black & White

And... here's the last of the Thanksgiving photos.

Last night my brother proposed to the wonderful girl in the photo with him.
One of my favorite Thanksgiving memories from this year is sitting on the kitchen stools with him and my sister, with Ty sitting on the kitchen counter and trying to razz Parker up real good about telling us when he was going to propose (when Alyssa wasn't around, of course).
We had Mom laughing so hard, and while I don't think Parker was laughing, hopefully he can now that it's all over and no one gave anything away!


ilene @ muchloveilly said...

looks like the perfect thanksgiving - especially with your family all together! congrats to your brother and his fiance. :)

p.s. miss you, friend!

Kirra said...

yea for parker!!!!

Debbie T said...

love love love the pics! Some of my faaaavorite people ever.

Anonymous said...

Love this family...and these pictures. So excited that our families will finally mix!