Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Buckingham Fountain Picnic

Husband and I set the vespa wheels spinning as soon as we got back to Chicago.
Instead of unpacking bags and downloading pictures, we spent a sub-90 degree (gasp!) Sunday walking Lincoln Park, sitting on a bench in the shade, walking some more, and benching it again.
It was the most relaxing day I've had in a really, really long time and kind of unexpected.

To me, one of the keys of "relaxing" is "long."
The day was long in the best sort of way, stretching from Lincoln Park to Grant Park.
After sitting at Alfred Caldwell Lily Pool for awhile, husband suggested picnicking Chipotle at Buckingham Fountain.
Which is one of my all-time favorite Chicago summer pastimes.

You can't live a day in Chicago from June-August without someone practically running up to you in the street, throwing their arms around you, and yelling, "Chicago summer is the best ever!"
Maybe not the hug part, but you understand that was just creative license.

But seriously, grab some Chipotle,
picnic it at Buckingham Fountain, and then tell me you wouldn't want to throw your arms around someone and yell, "Chicago summer!"


Kirra said...

The best. And you are black practically. I hope you aren't showering to preserve that awesomeness. Be prepared to see my booglie white skin tomorrow. You may need sunglasses.

ilene @ muchloveilly said...

gah i miss chicago! i can't say i miss chipotle cuz i went to visit Ryan this weekend and he took me out for some chipotle - mmmm, yum!